Sifu Joe Hing Kwok Chu

Sifu Joe Chu has long been known and respected internationally as an authority in Chinese martial arts and Qigong. He was a trainer of many accomplished full-contact fighters. Master Chu received his martial arts training from a broad range of famous teachers, including Abbot Kao Tsan (Gao Can 高參法師) and Chen le Yan (Chen Yi Ren 陳義仁).

Master Chu learned injury medicine as an apprentice and then studied Chinese medicine at a Hong Kong medical school, where he graduated with honors. Master Chu studied Qigong at Pao's Spiritual Institution in Hong Kong from 1951-1962, where he mastered various schools of Qigong.    During that time, Master Chu also studied ilmu (mystical studies) with native shamans in Sumatra and New Guinea. He established and opened a successful clinic in Sumatra, specializing in the treatment of back injuries.

Master Chu began teaching martial arts in the San Francisco bay area in 1963. He organized mixed martial arts tournaments in the late 1960s at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and also in Vancouver, San Francisco, and San Jose. He took a winning team of fighters to a Taiwan tournament in the early 1970s. 

Master Chu held many leadership positions in his field, among them:

Master Chu still teaches medical qigong to individual students and groups in the San Francisco bay area. Though retired from full-time work today, he continues to teach privately and to lead a weekly class Thursday nights in San Francisco. Master Chu now focuses most of his time on editing the 10,000 page online Chinese herb dictionary he began creating in the early 2000s. (